Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
You may setup as many raffles as you would like. Each raffle is configured with various options and can be triggered to run every week or every month. When a raffle's drawing occurs, the system looks at your customers who placed an order since the last drawing. A random customer within that list is chosen as the winner. A raffle's winner is emailed a discount code of your choosing.
What are some example raffles I can create?
Raffle provides a lot of options for you to create simple, or specific, raffles. These include things like rewarding customers who:
  • Purchased today.
  • Purchased this week.
  • Purchased this month.
  • Purchased this week from a specific collection.
  • Purchased a specific product this month.
  • Purchased this month and clicked the box to accept marketing.
  • Purchased this week with an order over $75.
  • At least 5 people purchased this month from a specific collection.
  • ... and more to come!
Are these online raffles legal?
We are not lawyers but we have included the ability for anybody to enter your raffle with a "no purchae necessary" email entry. Each raffle you create allows you to specify a unique email address which customers can use to enter without requiring any purchase. As you promote your raffle be sure to include a link to a store page that makes clear this option exists.
What discount code is a raffle's winner(s) sent?
When configuring your raffle, you will define what type of reward the customer will receive. Winners will receive a new, random, discount code that we generate which matches the rules you have defined. This discount is setup to only be used once.
What information do we store?
Pretty much nothing! We DO NOT store any order or customer information. We DO NOT store, or even read, any customer payment information. We only store information about your shop in order to run raffle drawings in your timezone, preset your shop's name and URL, and to communicate with you if we need to.
When do raffle drawing's occur?
You define the schedule of how often drawings occur on your raffle(s). Raffles defined as weekly will run every 7 days from the date of the first drawing. Raffles defined as monthly will run every calendar month from the date of the first drawing. Raffle drawings occur throughout the day and can occur any time within that day.
How do we track orders?
When a raffle drawing occurs, we query Shopify for orders that occurred during the corresponding period of time. We retrieve the order's customer and subtotal (prior to shipping and tax). If set in your raffle, this order subtotal is what we use to honor the minimum purchase requirement. Certain apps or billing methods might create orders without them being in a paid state (i.e. purchase orders). These orders will still get counted towards raffle drawings. We figured this would be the most simple method to easily support all ecommerce situations.
Why would I want to setup raffles?
Raffles are a great way to incentivize your customers to purchase from your store. Upon purchase your customers will automatically be entered to win a discounted experience of your store. This is also a very useful tool to produce repeat customers.
How should I promote my raffle?
Promoting your raffle can occur in any/all the ways your promote your store. Whether through an email marketing campaign, a social media advertisement, or through the top announcement bar on the site, informing your customers of a chance to win a discounted shopping experience will create some hype.